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Dutch designer on a trading mission to Moscow “Showing something that’s not there.”
Dutch designer Marcel te Brake is invited by the Minister of Foreign Trade of the Netherlands Frank Heemskerk to join him on a trading mission to Moscow this september. He also gets a chance to show his work at New Dutch Design, an exhibition to promote Dutch design in Russia, for one month. With his concept “Confusious” te Brake wants to confuse people in a humoristic way.

Are these bags real, or am I being fooled? That will probably be the first thought people have when they see the Confusious bag. Visiting the website will also make you doubt. You can buy them, but can you walk around with them like a real bag? It turns out to be an accessory, made by Dutch designer Marcel te Brake. His idea caught people’s attention, because he is invited to show his designs in Moscow this september.


Marcel te Brake (39) started design agency Diep Arnhem on his own, back in 1995. After finishing his study Graphic Design in Utrecht, he focussed on designing corporate idenities, brandings, stands and campaigns. But his creative mind wanted more, resulting in Confusious. Te Brake: “Confusious is a combination of Confucius and confusion. Confucius – a famous thinker and philosopher from the ancient China – inspired me with his beautiful statements. Combined with the word confusion it made a perfect name for my concept.

It all started with his specially designed curtains. Te Brake: “Our studio is located in the middle of a residential area in Arnhem. When we leave, most people come home. That’s why I liked the idea of printing silhouettes of lamps and plants on roller-blinds, making it look like there is still activity in the evening. Showing something that’s not there. That’s also what we do with our bags. The idea originally came from a campaign that was developed for the police, inspired by the chalk lines at a crime scene.
We brought that idea to our imaginary bags and want people to wonder: Am I carrying a real bag or not? Confusing people in a humoristic way, that’s what I want with my Confusious-designs.”


His work is now shown in Moscow at New Dutch Design, an exhibition with only Dutch design. A unique chance to present himself as a designer. Laughing: “Russia has the most millionaires in the world, so... No, seriously, this might be an opportunity for me to do more design work. This exhibition at least offers a stage for this. I also exhibited my designs at the Dutch exhibition for home and living, the bag was used in a famous Dutch tv-soap and it was mentioned in a design-guide from Amsterdam. All that probably caught the attention of New Dutch Design and then it’s just amazing to be invited by the Dutch Minister. I’m very proud that my bags will be exposed together with some famous Dutch designers!”

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